Eco Packaging

Wherever possible Seven Mushrooms choose packaging and delivery options that limit any harmful effects on our natural environment.

Our Mushroom Coffee comes in a 100% paper bag, which is easily compostable or recyclable. The label is fully recyclable too, including the biodegradable ink. While this means our coffee bags don’t have a plastic seal, we believe the trade off is worth it; we recommend storing the coffee in an airtight container as soon as possible so it can retain its freshness.

Our Umami Salt comes in a glass bottle with plastic lid. Both are recyclable by local authorities across the UK. The label is 100% paper.

The materials we use to ship your goods are also as environmentally friendly as possible. We use Jiffy GreenĀ® envelopes for smaller orders and these have a recycled paper fibre lining, meaning they are fully recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Jiffy green envelope
Jiffy GreenĀ® envelope

Bigger orders require a 100% cardboard box, and we currently use straw or void fill quavers made from vegetable starch for packing material.

We use Royal Mail to ship our orders across the UK, and they were recently crowned ‘the most carbon conscious delivery company’ in’s 2020 report on delivery companies.